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Pacemaker Implantation

Pacemaker implantation is a surgical procedure that involves the insertion of a small device to regulate the heartbeat. The duration of surgery is typically 1-2 hours, hospitalization requirement is usually 1-2 days, and post-surgery care includes avoiding heavy lifting and following up with the doctor regularly.

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Pacemaker implantation is a safe and commonly performed medical procedure used to treat various heart rhythm disorders. It involves the placement of a small electronic device called a pacemaker, which helps regulate the heart's electrical activity and ensures a steady and coordinated heartbeat. During the procedure, a pacemaker is carefully inserted under the skin near the collarbone, and thin wires called leads are guided through a blood vessel and positioned in the heart chambers. The pacemaker continuously monitors the heart's rhythm and delivers electrical signals to stimulate the heart when necessary. This helps to correct irregular heartbeats, slow heart rates, or other abnormal electrical patterns. Pacemaker implantation is typically performed under local anesthesia, and patients can often return to their normal activities shortly after the procedure. Regular follow-up appointments are important to ensure the pacemaker is functioning properly and to make any necessary adjustments. Complications with pacemaker implantation are rare but can include infection, bleeding, or discomfort at the implantation site. It is important to consult with a cardiologist or electrophysiologist to determine if pacemaker implantation is appropriate and to discuss the potential benefits and risks specific to each individual case.

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