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Wrinkles Removal

Wrinkles removal is a cosmetic procedure that involves the removal of wrinkles and fine lines from the face, with a short duration of surgery, no hospitalisation requirement, and minimal post-surgery care.

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Wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process, but they can also be caused by a variety of factors such as sun exposure, smoking, and genetics. Wrinkles are defined as creases, folds, or ridges in the skin that develop over time. They can appear on any part of the body, but are most commonly found on the face, neck, and hands.

Wrinkles can be classified into two main categories: fine lines and deep wrinkles. Fine lines are small, shallow wrinkles that are often caused by repetitive facial expressions, such as smiling or frowning. Deep wrinkles, on the other hand, are larger and more pronounced, and are caused by a combination of factors including loss of collagen and elastin in the skin, as well as the effects of gravity.

While wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process, many people seek ways to reduce their appearance. There are a variety of treatments available for wrinkles, including topical creams, injectable fillers, and cosmetic procedures such as laser resurfacing and facelifts. These treatments can help to smooth out wrinkles and restore a more youthful appearance to the skin.

However, it is important to note that not all wrinkles can be completely eliminated, and some treatments may have side effects or risks. It is important to consult with a qualified healthcare professional before undergoing any wrinkle removal treatment. Additionally, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet and regular exercise, can help to prevent the development of wrinkles and promote overall skin health.

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بنية تحتية متطورة للرعاية الصحية مع مرافق عالمية المستوى.

أطباء متخصصون ذوو خبرة عالية ومؤهلون على مستوى عالمي

علاجات فعالة من حيث التكلفة دون المساس بالجودة.

الحد الأدنى من وقت الانتظار للحصول على الرعاية الطبية السريعة.

نهج شمولي يجمع بين العلاجات التقليدية والبديلة لتحقيق رفاهية شاملة.


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العلاج الطبي

  • ترتيب الاستشارة الطبية

  • توصيلك مع أفضل المستشفيات & الأطباء

  • إرشادات حول خيارات العلاج

  • العلاج في المستشفيات

  • متابعة ما بعد العلاج & يدعم

السفر & أمبير؛ الخدمات اللوجستية

  • ترتيب التأشيرة

  • دعم السفر الدولي

  • ترتيبات السفر المحلية

  • ترتيبات الإقامة

  • مترجم لغة 

  • الإرشاد الثقافي

  • ترتيب الرحلات المحلية

  • المساعدة في التسوق

إرشادات التمويل الطبي

  • تقدير تكلفة العلاج

  • الحد الأدنى لتسعير العلاج

  • خصومات على العلاج & الدواء

  • إرشادات تحويل العملة

  • ترتيب الدفع السلس

  • الإجراءات المتعلقة بالتأمين

  • الفواتير والفواتير الصحيحة

  • الاستشارة المالية

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