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Crown Fixtures

Crown fixtures are a dental procedure that typically requires a short surgery duration, minimal hospitalization, and post-surgery care such as avoiding hard or sticky foods.

Average cost of treatment-


There is no specific disease associated with crown fixtures. Crown fixtures are dental prosthetics that are used to cover or cap damaged or decayed teeth. They are commonly used to restore the function and appearance of teeth that have been weakened by decay, trauma, or other dental problems. While crown fixtures themselves do not cause disease, improper care or maintenance of the fixtures can lead to dental problems such as gum disease, tooth decay, and infection. It is important to maintain good oral hygiene practices, including regular brushing and flossing, to prevent these issues from occurring. Additionally, regular dental check-ups and cleanings can help to identify and address any potential problems with crown fixtures before they become more serious.

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Cost-effective treatments without compromising on quality.

Minimal waiting time for prompt medical care.

Holistic approach combining traditional and alternative therapies for comprehensive well-being.

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