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Laser surgery for Eye

Laser surgery is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that uses a laser beam to remove or treat various conditions. The duration of surgery, hospitalization requirement, and post-surgery care depend on the specific condition being treated and the extent of the procedure.

Average cost of treatment-


Laser surgery refers to a minimally invasive surgical procedure that utilizes laser technology to treat various medical conditions. It involves the precise and controlled use of a laser beam to perform surgical interventions, such as tissue removal, reshaping, or coagulation.

Laser surgery offers several advantages over traditional surgery, including reduced pain, minimal scarring, and faster recovery time. It is commonly used in various medical specialties, including ophthalmology, dermatology, urology, and dentistry.

In ophthalmology, laser surgery is used for procedures like LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) to correct vision problems. In dermatology, lasers are used for hair removal, tattoo removal, skin resurfacing, and treatment of various skin conditions. In urology, laser surgery is employed for prostate surgery and kidney stone treatment. In dentistry, lasers are used for gum surgery, cavity treatment, and teeth whitening.

Laser surgery is a highly precise and effective treatment option that offers many benefits to patients, making it a popular choice for various medical procedures across different specialties. The specific type of laser surgery used depends on the condition being treated and the individual patient's needs.

Why should you avail treatment in India?

Cutting-edge healthcare infrastructure with world-class facilities.

World-class highly experienced and qualified medical professionals

Cost-effective treatments without compromising on quality.

Minimal waiting time for prompt medical care.

Holistic approach combining traditional and alternative therapies for comprehensive well-being.

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